The books in Operations Management that you really need

Operations Management - Homo Faber at Work (published)

This book explains the foundations of Operations management and of the Supply chain. It is meant for all those who want to gain pragmatic insights in Logistics, Purchasing, Production, Quality and in the Supply Chain of an industrial company. It helps also to see the links with all other company functions.
Cover illustration: courtesy of Centro Storico Fiat, press at Lingotto factory (© 1934)

Excellence in Operations - Homo Faber: Do it Better (to be published)

A successful business must continuously improve and innovate itself. Or in other words, it must always seek excellence. This book builds upon the foundations learned in the first book. It focuses on how to focus on providing value to customers and making the own processes more efficient and effective.  

Cover illustration: courtesy of ESA/CNES/Arianespace/Optique Vidéo du CSG – JM Guillon, SEOSAT placed onto the Vega launch vehicle (© 2020)


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