Excellence in Operations Management

With 27 years of practical experience as a company executive and consultant in manufacturing companies as well as with 12 years teaching at a Swiss University, I am sharing my expertise on how to excel in Operations as well as in the Supply chain. 

The two books Operations Management - Homo Faber at Work and Excellence in Operations – Homo Faber: Do it Better will guide you through this world.

Understanding Operations Management

Operations make products available to customers through the supply chain and manage processes and resources (people, machines, infrastructure, energy etc.) needed to do that. Inputs are the design of products, their technical specifications, and appropriate production processes, defined by Research & Development; and the customer orders obtained by Sales. Operations provide customers what they want, when and where they want it, in the appropriate amount and quality, using all available resources efficiently. Operations must also continuously improve, to counter the never-ending price erosion of finished goods in the market.

I consider Operations management and Supply chain management as synonyms, encompassing Logistics, Production, Purchasing, and Quality. Those who focus more on Logistics say instead, that Supply chain management does not include Production. Those who focus more on Production say that Logistics is not part of Operations. Anyway, a company must manage all components well and improve all company processes over time, in search of Excellence. To do this, one must first understand what is done inside and around Operations (see the first book) and then continuously improve the company processes (see the second one).

Books about Operations

Linked to the real world

There is a lot of literature on Operations management. The books presented here are an introduction useful to students, young managers and entrepreneurs. They are for people who want to understand and to change things for the better, leaving their mark. They are based on my personal experience as a company executive as well as a University lecturer. I tried to make their contents simple and to the point, with useful, real examples.


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