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Excellence in Operations

Homo Faber: Do it Better

In the current world it is not enough to be good. To survive in business, a company must continuously improve if not reinvent itself, in search of Excellence. Which is however a moving target: the improvement effort never ends. This book, designed for university students, new managers, and young entrepreneurs, shows how to lead the journey towards Excellence in a pragmatic way. From the focus on customers’ needs, because everything that a company does must be oriented to customers and to provide value to them. To seeing the waste in processes and learning which tools help to chase and reduce it. Realising finally, that re-engineering processes is possible in Operations as well as in other functions of an Industrial company, and even in Service companies.

ISBN: 978-2-8399-3779-5 (to be published soon)
Publisher: mediata sa  (www.mediata.ch)


This book is dedicated to all those who belong to the “Homo Faber” group - the makers - who realised that just making is not enough. They made repetitive efforts to do better what they were doing, making mistakes, sometimes failing badly, but getting back up again and finally reaping results.

It starts from the foundations of Logistics, Purchasing, Production and Quality set in my book Operations Management - Homo Faber at Work. It shows “how to do it better” by applying continuous improvement mindset and methods to processes, in search of Excellence. Which is integral part of the activity of an Industrial engineer.                  

The focus is on running and improving Operations, but many concepts and tools are applicable to other functions within an industrial company, as well as to Service companies. Because the search for Excellence is a must for all. It is a survival issue.

Strangely, even after more than forty years that systematic improvement methods were introduced in the business world, many companies still do not use them. Others used them without the needed consistency. Some used them but forgot such methods after a while. However, without continuous efforts to improve and transform, a company is doomed to die. “Doing it better” should be everyone's task in a company, as a very important addition to their daily business activity.

“Transformation is everyone’s job” (E. Deming)

Table of contents

  1 – Towards Excellence

  2 – Change          

  3 – Customer Value 

  4 – Reengineering in Six Steps       

  5 – Tools to « See » Waste and Value

  6 – Tools for a Better Organisation  

  7 – Tools for a Better Flow          

  8 – Implementation: Simply Do It        

  9 – Production Cases

10 – Non-Production Cases

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