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If you're looking for customised training or personal advice from an unbiased party, I will be happy to support you. 

Management Coaching

It happened to us all, in our management role, to wish to get an opinion about a topic or a project from a trusted person, not involved in the daily activity nor biased by internal company politics. So difficult to find one.

In my career I managed Operations, Corporate development, and M&A in multinational companies. Having seen many companies and functions, I gathered a lot of experience about businesses, countries, organisations, and people. I am happy to make this experience available to young managers on their path to the top, providing them with my independent advice. 

I can be your sounding board (and sometimes the devil’s advocate) while you manage your function or lead challenging projects. I have no fear to tell you what I see and what I think. I’ll also do my best to identify and suggest to you viable solutions. 

Unlike consultants, I do not have to sell you new projects and a whole staff of costly resources. 

It goes without saying that I guarantee the strictest confidentiality. 

Customised Training Programmes

You have identified a “hole” in the knowledge of your people, or you are about to implement a project that requires new skills.

Normally courses offered by universities and other organisations are off-the-shelf, designed to cater for a wider audience and not customised to your needs of the moment. They risk to cost you way too much, without providing you what you really need.

Thanks to my teaching experience at university and in companies, I am able to develop for you a simple workshop or a custom course of few days – targeting the knowledge that you want to strengthen amid your employees or specifically suited to the business processes you are about to introduce or change. I am used to do this, training workers in the shop floor or function heads. 

My experience is in: Production, Purchasing, Logistics, Continuous Improvement, Reengineering, Project management, M&A and Post-merger Integration.

I can deliver courses in English, German, French and Italian.

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