Coaching & Trainings

If you're looking for customised training or personal advice from an unbiased party, I will be happy to support you. 

Individual coaching services

As manager or executive, you surely encountered the challenge of seeking unbiased opinions on critical business matters, free from the constraints of internal company politics. Finding a trustworthy advisor can be a daunting task.

Having lead Operations, Corporate Development, and M&A in global enterprises, I bring a wealth of experience in diverse business landscapes. I’ll be glad to offer my expertise to emerging leaders like yourself, guiding you on your personal growth path. A dedicated sounding board at your disposal, ready to be your confidant and, if needed, the devil's advocate, as you steer your department or spearhead ambitious projects. Committed to your success, I'll share my observations and perspectives to help you doing it.

My focus will be on practical, actionable solutions, tailored to your specific challenges. Unlike traditional consultants, I won't pitch you new projects or burden you with a costly entourage of resources. Mine will be a straightforward, one-on-one collaboration designed to elevate your leadership capabilities. Confidentiality is paramount and I guarantee the utmost discretion in our partnership.

Ready to transform your leadership journey? Contact me if you want to embark on this collaboration together.

Empowering teams with tailored knowledge

Unleash the full potential of your workforce by addressing their knowledge gaps. Traditional courses from universities and training companies often miss the mark, offering one-size-fits-all solutions that don't align with your unique needs. Don't let your investment fall short – opt for a customized approach that caters specifically to your own challenges. 

Drawing on my extensive teaching experience in both academic and corporate settings, I specialize in crafting custom workshops and short courses. Whether you're looking to fortify specific skills within your team or align training with upcoming business processes, I will help you, with my track record of training individuals from the shop floor up to function heads. 

My expertise covers Production, Purchasing, Logistics, Continuous Improvement, Reengineering, Project Management, M&A, and Post-merger Integration. Unlike pre-packaged solutions, my training solutions will be tailored to your exact specifications, ensuring a specific and pragmatic approach. They include case studies and business gamification to deepen the participants’ experience. I can teach in English, German, French, and Italian, making learning accessible to diverse teams.

Ready to elevate your team's capabilities? Let me craft a learning journey, perfectly aligned with your goals and drivers of success. 

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